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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I make comments to the agency about rules?
Generally every agency is required to have a public hearing between 31 to 40 days after filing the rule with JCARR. You can attend the hearing or send comments to the agency. (Note: some rules, called "111 rules," are filed pursuant to the rulemaking procedure found in Ohio Revised Code section 111.15 and do not require a public hearing.)

What is JCARR?
JCARR is the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review. JCARR is a legislative committee consisting of members from the Ohio Senate and Ohio House. The committee's main function is to ensure that state agencies do not exceed their statutory authority through rules. The JCARR committee has the ability to recommend that a rule be invalidated if it does not meet one of the eight criteria found on the JCARR website at For more information about JCARR call (614) 466-4086.

How can I make comments to JCARR about the rules?
You can contact or write the JCARR staff or JCARR committee members, or attend the JCARR public hearing when the draft rule is on the JCARR meeting agenda for public comment.

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